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There’s no question that “Portland Style” is colorful and eclectic. The city boasts architectural styles ranging from traditional craftsman bungalow, to the most contemporary modern. As one of the leading cities for sustainable design and architecture, the market for interior designers has virtually bloomed. With such a wide range of commercial and residential projects, available, there’s a niche for every type of design specialist.

The other day I had the chance to talk with Jason Ball C.I.D., of Jason Ball Interiors. Jason has a Masters degree in Experimental Psychology and a background in market research. He’s been practicing Interior Design in Portland for 5 years, and running his own design business for 2 years. When I asked him what made him choose Interior Design as a profession he confessed that it was really his artistic sense, and his love for renovating his 1908 home that propelled him into the business. While renovating his own home, he had contact with showrooms, builders, and architects and realized he really loved being involved in that kind of process. He admits that he loves doing kitchens, but also that one of the most fulfilling things about the job is creating space planning solutions for clients.

Jason has a clear vision of what this "Portland Style" actually is. He respects the beauty and historic quality of many Portland homes, but realizes that a lot of people who live in those homes may have a more contemporary style in mind when decorating. The key is to find the balance between history and future. Jason says that he tries to choose vintage architectural details like hardware (in a kitchen he did) and pair it with contemporary cabinetry in order to link the past and present. It’s important to build on the clients theme, while still maintaining the integrity of the house.

When asked “what’s the most important thing for people to remember when choosing a designer?” Jason confidently emphasized the importance of working with someone who can talk to openly about ideas, the ability to listen to their clients needs, and most importantly knows how to ask the right questions.

By Jaime Ausborn for PDXinteriors.com

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