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Bernadette Breu Antiques & Ornament - Portland OR

Let the Furniture Speak for Itself: find fabulous, outspoken furnishings at Bernadette Breu Antiques & Ornament

In the heart of the Southeast Portland (note: since moved to 1338 SE 6th Ave ) there is a virtual candy shop for furniture lovers. The merchandise creates a labyrinth of antiques, a 10 ft tall giraffe around one corner, and a delicate, white settee around the another. Wall sconces, busts, taxidermy, a chaise lounge in the store window, crowns fashioned from vintage fabrics and jewelry ... at Bernadette Breu's Antiques & Ornament you'll find unique pieces, perfect for incorporating a whimsical touch into your personal style.

1900 - 1920s settee-$1095.00

Victorian chairs, recovered in the 1960s-$595.00

Bernadette Breu, owner and buyer for the store, chooses antiques in varying styles, with pieces ranging from the 18th century to the 1920s. But there is strong continuity in the quality and individuality of each item. The bottom line is a piece only makes it in the store "If it speaks to me," says Breu. "It's just about good design and how well made it is."

With recent press, including a flamboyant photo of Breu wearing one of her signature handmade crowns in Oregon Home, the shop will likely see more traffic in the upcoming months. But she established her reputation long ago in the Northwest antique community, buying almost exclusively in Oregon and Washington. She found one of her personal favorites, a playful 1920s carousel chandelier, at the former Arthur's tavern in Vancouver.

Turkish smoking chair-$1450.00

1920s carousel chandelier-$695.00

Antique owners trust her and the store to display their pieces tastefully, explains Carla, Breu's friend and employee at the store on 1134 NW Everett. Carla and co-worker Julie create the luscious arrangement of merchandise, emphasizing each piece within the overall seamless store display. Local interior designers have also tapped into Breu's treasure chest in the Pearl (note: since moved to 1338 SE 6th Ave ). "We have a broad range of designers who come in regularly," she says. The store showcases both funky and refined antiques, appealing to an array of tastes. Carla says many designers come to the store looking for “that one soulful piece." Even the most dedicated antique shoppers can tire with kitty figurines and quilt stands. Bernadette Breu's Antiques and Ornament shies from the ordinary, offering instead quality, class and fabulous oddity.

Bernadette Breu Experience
1338 SE 6th Ave
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5

Closed Tuesday & Wednesday or by appointment.

By Emma Juhlin for PDXinteriors.com

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