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Portland Oregon is home to some of the most unique and innovative interior decorators and designers in the nation. Our rich artistic history along with our legendary urban planning lends a hand to creating useful and attractive designs.

Designer Profiles

» Cheryl Janis Designs PDXinteriors.com profiles Cheryl Janis of Cheryl Janis Designs.

» Portland Style With Jason Ball
Jaime Ausborn interviews to Jason Ball of Ball Interiors about his vision of Portland Style

» Miryam Brewer, Portland Color Expert
Jaime Ausborn profiles Miryam Brewer

Guide to Interior Design

» Ranch Homes: Decorating the American Dream
Emma Juhlin explores the wonderful close-in world of ranch style homes.

» Antique Stores in Sellwood
Emma Juhlin takes a stroll down Sellwood's antique row.

» Oregon Interior Design Degrees
Jaime Ausborn takes a look at some of Oregon's educational institutions and their interior design degree offerings.

» Portland Interior Design Blog
Lauren Hudgins comments on design in the Portland Area.

» Lighting With Lux
Jaime Ausborn's guide to lighting featuring Lux Lighting of Portland, OR.

» Get With The Program
Jaime Ausborn explains both the importance and basics of creating a "program" for your interior design project.

» Portland House Painting
Recommended interior painting companies in the Portland area.

Furnishings Profile

» Vintage Furniture on Hawthorne
Emma Juhlin takes a stroll up and down Hawthorne Blvd, showing you some of the unique mod pieces that can be found and any number of stores in the area.

» Bernadette Breu Antiques & Ornament
Emma Juhlin takes a good look at some incredibly unique antique furnishing and decor at Bernadette Breu Antiques & Ornament.

How PDXinteriors.com Can Help

With an abundance of institutions of higher educations offering interior design degrees, our talent force is top notch. You can be assured that you will find the designer that satisfies your desires for beauty and comfort in your home.

We are currently in the process of updating our database with area designers and suppliers. If you would like to be featured on our site, please email kyle@pdxinteriors.com.

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